Dora Plus Policies and Practices for HR
  • We constantly update the philosophy of our human resources and methods of its application.
  • We are proud of the achievements of our employees.
  • Feedback from our employees and customers is highly appreciated and welcomed.
  • We are constantly reviewing the working system of our human resources to provide employee-oriented services.
  • All our work is built on trust.
  • In Dora Plus individuals or groups can freely express their thoughts. The ideas and thoughts of other people are important to us.
  • We are looking for solutions for our own development, the development of our processes, ways of doing business and their improvement. We evaluate the results and feedback on our work and are constantly moving forward. We develop innovative and diverse processes that create value and encourage our employees to do the same.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • Provide qualified human resources that will contribute to the goals of our company in accordance with our vision and mission.
  • Develop processes, policies and systems for education, development, productivity, remuneration and payment systems.
  • Increase and support the contribution of our employees to Dora Plus processes.
  • Invest in the personal and professional development of our employees through continuous development and training.
  • Create safe and peaceful working conditions.
  • Maintain and develop an open and unhindered approach to management.
  • To develop further in order to become the most preferred brand among employees.
  • Create a highly motivated, customer-oriented and personnel-oriented human resources department and support the development of Dora Plus.