Dora Plus Goals and Values

Dora Plus bases all its goals and principles on five core values. These values form the basis of the whole culture of the Holding.

▬ Trust                                                                                 
▬ Committment
▬ Quality
▬ Courage
▬ Honesty

As Dora Plus, we are confident that based on these values, we will be able to provide innovative and unique services, products and solutions.

The Trust: This is the basis for our every step in any work and the prerequisite of our success. Being Dora Plus, we fulfill all our promises given to our employees and customers. Realizing how difficult it is to win trust, and how easy it is to lose it, we always prove that the trust placed in us justifies itself now and will justify it in the future.

Commitment: This is the main element in any of our work. We are committed to our work, having high-quality competition and the best performance. Our commitment to work is our driving force.

Quality: Our services and products always meet the highest quality standards. Quality is a value that we will never give up in order to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Courage: We are always open to new ideas, support new initiatives and new thoughts. We always do our job in order to go forward, to take justifiable risks.

Honesty: We act in accordance with our vision, mission, values, policies and business behavior. This makes us an open, honest and ethical company.

These values are key characteristics for decisions and actions that can lead to the effectiveness of our initiatives and business as a whole.